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Volunteer Opportunities

The Niverville Heritage Centre attracts volunteers of all ages and walks of life who are interested in developing their skills while enhancing the quality of life for our residents. If you give your time to the Centre, you’ll receive the privilege of working side-by-side with health industry professionals. Niverville Heritage Centre benefits from volunteerism by hosting individuals, such as you, who want to contribute their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.

 Those interesting in volunteering are always encouraged to apply, and specific positions that are currently available are listed below.

Community Garden Maintenance Volunteer


Assisting with maintenance and grooming of outdoor plants

Watering grass and plants

Weeding plant beds

Triming/pruning as required

Raking dry leaves/dead plants

Assisting with maintaining the tidiness in garden areas


Bingo Caller Volunteer

2 Wednesdays a month from 7-8pm.

Please contact Stacy at 204-388-5000 ext 207