Volunteer Opportunities

The Niverville Heritage Centre attracts volunteers of all ages and walks of life who are interested in developing their skills while enhancing the quality of life for our residents. If you give your time to the Centre, you’ll receive the privilege of working side-by-side with health industry professionals. Niverville Heritage Centre benefits from volunteerism by hosting individuals, such as you, who want to contribute their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.

 Those interesting in volunteering are always encouraged to apply, and specific positions that are currently available are listed below.


Volunteer Program Introduction

As people age, and in some cases experience significant changes to mental and physical wellbeing, they can begin to experience the challenges that come with the 4 Plagues of Aging. We define the 4 Plagues as being;

Loneliness – Boredom – Helplessness – Lack of Purpose

While we have specific strategies for dealing with each of the 4 Plagues of Aging, such as a comprehensive Recreation Program to deal with Boredom and the recent addition of a Chaplain to address feelings of Helplessness and Lack of Purpose, Volunteers can have the biggest impact in the area of Loneliness.

Simply put, Volunteers stand in the gap. While many of our residents have strong family support, sadly, there are those who live in our homes who do not enjoy the support of loved ones. Often our staff become the family for our lonely residents, however, staff working in long term care work in an increasingly demanding environment that continues to get more challenging as reliance on support services continues to grow.

Thus Volunteers become an essential and critical part of our care team as they step into the gap left by non-present family and a challenging work environment.

Through the development of a comprehensive Volunteer Program we hope to stem the affect that loneliness can have on our resident population. The Volunteer Program also provides us with an opportunity to connect our residents to our community at large as we will rely on them to fill our volunteer opportunity vacancies.