Niverville Heritage Centre Departments

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Below is a list of our department leaders.  Please give us a call, or fill out the form below to contact us.

Hospitality & Support Services Robert Manchulenko Chief Officer 204-388-5000 ext. 212
Finance & Human Resources Wes Hildebrand CEO/CO of Finance & Human Resources 204-388-5000 ext. 211
Maintenance George Penner Maintenance Director 204-388-5000 ext. 208
Environmental & IT Brandon Smith Environmental Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 313
Food Services Mel Buhay Food Services Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 214
Housekeeping Melissa Perry Housekeeping Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 203
Accounting Sharla Mattice Accountant 204-388-5000 ext. 302
Restaurant & Event Services Amanda Wiebe Restaurant & Event Services Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 200
Events & Sales Kelsey Wynn Events & Sales Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 202
NCU Manor Client Services Stacy Danis NCU Manor Client Services Manager 204-388-5000 ext. 207
NHC Administration Carly Wark NHC Administrative Assistant 204-388-5000 ext. 215
NHC Reception Danae Funk NHC Receptionist 204-388-5000 ext. 217
Heritage Life Personal Care Home Darlene Solvason Director of Care 204-388-5000 ext. 300

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