Dear Designated Caregiver:
I want to thank you for volunteering to be a designated caregiver for your loved one. Up to now we have not needed to call on any designated caregiver to provide care. I am however aware that you are all providing emotional and psychological support which is so greatly needed.

I did think that I should make everyone on this list aware of what this means to be a designated caregiver. Should we have cases of COVID in the facility we would be looking for your assistance in providing some assistance/services for your loved one. Although we are doing everything we can to prevent this, the possibility does exist.

If staffing becomes significantly reduced due to the corona virus or the workload becomes significantly increased due to sick Residents you may be called upon to assist with providing care and meeting the physical needs of your family member.

This may include personal hygiene, helping Residents to eat or any other physical need they may have. Any training that would be required will be provided. We would be providing the necessary Personal Protective Equipment at that time.

Please note that the Designated Caregiver title means that we could become greater partners in the care of your family member.

A while back all families or residents were asked to provide 2 caregivers for the record. We have most of this information. We have that information on hand and should the need arise you will be contacted.

Let’s continue to protect our Residents together and keep this virus out.


Stacy Danis
Client Services Manager