This statement is being released to our Residents, their families, our Team Members, Board Members, Stakeholders including our Town Council and CAO, SHSS Leadership, and Emergency Services.

There continue to be family members that are approaching their loved one at the windows to their suites on order to pass food, items, gifts etc.

We are asking that you please refrain from doing this. In an earlier communication we noted our hours for things that could be dropped off.

However, when someone bypasses the system we are not able to take the necessary steps to sanitize the items that do not pass through the proper process. The protocols are in place to try to reduce or contain any opportunity for the virus to come onto our campus. We are trying very hard to protect all of the residents living on our campus. We currently have almost 200 residents living on our campus. Approximately 120 are in daily care under our staff. We want to take steps to protect them all.

We are still not allowing baked goods or other food items as these cannot be safely sanitized. Please rest assured that we are feeding all of our residents well.

For Easter, our Chef Mel Buhay, is planning a wonderful meal for our residents in the NCU Manor and the PCH. They will have Ham, Meatballs, Scalloped Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables and Red Velvet Cupcakes for dessert. I myself eat a fair number of meals in the Manor Café which is largely the same menu in the Manor and the PCH.

We have opened up opportunities for you to connect with your loved one via technology. Depending on where your loved one is contact

  • the PCH Recreation Department at 204.388.5000 ext 314 or
  • the NCU Manor at 204.388.5000 ext 207.

These are difficult times. Many of our Team Members and Team Leaders also have loved ones in a PCH or Assisted Living complex. We know that that all of our Team are always looking out for your loved ones our residents.

As noted before things are changing so very quickly across Canada and within the Province of Manitoba. We will keep you informed as we can on our Website but again ask for patience if these changes happen too quickly or for changes you personally feel we should have or maybe should not have implemented already.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

Wes Hildebrand
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer of Finance and HR
Niverville Heritage Centre Campus
P: 204.388.5000 ext. 211
F: 204.388.6431