This statement is being released to our Residents, their families, our Team Members, Board Members, Stakeholders including our Town Council and CAO, SHSS Leadership, and Emergency Services.

As of the directive on April 2, 2020 for all staff that come into contact with residents in a Long Term Care facility and Supportive Housing Facility must wear the various aspects of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Prior to the start of the Covid 19 outbreak spread we did secure some additional Masks, Gowns, Gloves and Shields. We will have enough inventory for the first while.

We have also connected with Southern Health Santé Sud to get access to the materials that Shared Health has in inventory. We have talked with them prior to ensure that we can access the additional inventory that is available.

We have already taken steps to check all Heritage Life PCH and Niverville Heritage Centre staff as to whether they have any symptoms before they enter the facility for their shift. We are keeping a record of this information.

As noted before things are changing so very quickly across Canada and within the Province of Manitoba. We will keep you informed as we can on our Website but again ask for patience if these changes happen too quickly or for changes you personally feel we should have implemented already.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

Wes Hildebrand
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer of Finance and HR
Niverville Heritage Centre Campus
P: 204.388.5000 ext. 211
F: 204.388.6431