This statement is being released to our Residents, their families, our Team Members,
Board Members, Stakeholders including our Town Council and CAO, SHSS Leadership,
and Emergency Services.

There have been enquiries as to whether there will continue to be admissions into the PCH as rooms become available.

The answer is “Yes”. We will admit new residents as rooms become available in either the main floor neighbourhoods or on the second floor in the Special Care Environment.

As we are in a Lockdown we will permit some of the family join the new resident for one hour maximum in order to assist in making the resident settled into the new surroundings.

For us the definition of some will be one or two and the preference would be that one would be the person with Power of Attorney.

However, each family member will still need to be vetted to see if they have been outside of the country or are ill. If they are sick or have traveled then they will not be permitted into the building.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

Wes Hildebrand
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer of Finance and HR
Niverville Heritage Centre Campus
P: 204.388.5000 ext. 211
F: 204.388.6431