This has been a long year in dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The impact physically and emotionally on our residents has been huge.

This statement is being released to our Residents, their families, our Team Members, Board Members, Stakeholders including our Town Council and CAO, SHSS Leadership, and Emergency Services.

With the recent vaccination campaign, we were very impressed with the very high percentage of residents that have taken the vaccine. We are confident that this and having all new residents that move to Heritage Life PCH get the vaccine, will benefit all of our residents and Team Members.

Starting April 19th, 2021 residents will be able to go for walks with the Designated Caregivers only in our central gardens and courtyard. Also, the resident will be able to go with their Designated Caregiver on short (60 to 90 minutes) rides in a vehicle.

The parameters are:

    1. That there can only be the resident and the caregiver in the vehicle.
    2. They cannot stop and go into any business or public or private space.
    3. While in the vehicle the Designated Caregiver must wear a mask.
    4. Designated Caregiver will be required to make an appointment for this activity no less than 3 days in advance with our receptionist.
    5. Only once every two weeks maximum.
    6. If the parameters are not followed, we have the right to stop the privilege of the outdoor activities.

We believe that these steps are ones that will help with the mental health of our residents as the weather gets warmer and nicer.

As noted before things are changing so very quickly across Canada and within the Province of Manitoba. We will keep you informed as we can on our Website but again ask for patience if these changes happen too quickly or for changes you personally feel we should have implemented already.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

Wes Hildebrand
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer of Finance and HR
Niverville Heritage Centre Campus
P: 204.388.5000 ext. 211
F: 204.388.6431