Niverville, MB. August 16, 2017 – Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc. (NHHI) is pleased to announce an agreement in principle with the Town of Niverville, Liver Care Canada, Felipe Campusano and Yves Kimbo for the construction of a new 2,400 sq. ft. diagnostic services centre. Scheduled for completion by fall of 2018, the centre will include diagnostic services including MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray and medical laboratory.

The new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre will include state of the art imaging and lab services which will support the Heritage Centre’s soon to be opened Santé Ouverte-Open Health Niverville collaborative medical centre, a partnership between Santé Sud-Southern Health, Niverville Medical Clinic, NHHI and the Town of Niverville. The newly constructed Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre will also serve clients from throughout the Province.

Located at the Niverville Heritage Centre, the new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre will complement and strengthen the community owned not for profit social enterprise campus. The new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre will be an innovative addition to the existing services on campus that include independent senior’s housing, assisted living, supportive housing, long term care, children’s day care, dental centre, medical centre, restaurant, community health and social services as well as event centre.

NHHI envisions the new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre to be an innovative solution to provide much needed imaging capacity for organizations like Manitoba Public Insurance, Workers Compensation Board, insurance companies and professional sports teams who currently utilize public facilities, on a fee basis, for imaging services. The new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre will also provide Manitobans who currently seek imaging services in North Dakota a local option on a graduated fee basis, based on income, through NHHI’s new not for profit Heritage Life Community Health Services division.

This innovative effort remains within the spirit of the Canada Health Act as the new Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre, through a P3 like concept, will be donated to the Town of Niverville free and clear of encumbrances or debt in 25 years. This arrangement, facilitated through NHHI who acts in trust for the Town of Niverville, ensures this innovative initiative supports and sustains Canada’s treasured universal health care system.


Source: Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc.

About Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc.

Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc, is a community owned not for profit corporation whose mandate is to; “Enhance recreation, social, health, economic and community services within the Town of Niverville and the region”. This mandate is largely lived out through the Niverville Heritage Centre which acts as an inter-generational meeting place for the community.

About the Town of Niverville

Niverville is located approximately 30 KM south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is a community of approximately 5,000 people and is noted as one of Manitoba’s fastest growing municipalities. It is located within the capital region of Winnipeg with vibrant residential developments. The 2016 Census revealed that Niverville is one of the youngest communities in Manitoba with an average age of 32.1 years.

About Liver Care Canada

Liver Care Canada was founded in 2015 by a team of healthcare professionals with a goal to make services and treatments easily accessible to liver disease patients. Its administrative office is located in London, Ontario.

About Felipe Campusano

Felipe grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. He graduated from Queens University with BSc. He moved to Japan shortly after graduation where while starting his own chain of English schools, he also learned the Japanese obsession with customer service. Felipe came back to attend University of Toronto to become a pharmacist.

About Yves Kimbo

Yves is a resident of Niverville along with his spouse and two children. He is a partner in a number of medical clinics, along with his sister who practices medicine, in Regina. Yves will provide the main leadership at the Heritage Life Diagnostic Centre.

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