Niverville Heritage Centre Campus Statement Regarding the Covid 19 Virus March 16, 2020

This statement is being released to our Residents, their families, our Team Members, Board Members, Stakeholders including our Town Council and CAO, SHSS Leadership, and Emergency Services.

The Executive Team and Leadership here on the Niverville Heritage Centre Campus have been working at developing an action plan that can be implemented across our campus. A plan that can be flexible yet effective in these changing times.

This whole situation is new to many of us including those in the Health System and our Governments. We hear and see all the changes in events and information that are happening around us. We can appreciate that there are some uncertainties.

We are concerned for the health and safety of our many residents and team members. All of our dialogue as Leadership centers on what is best for our Residents and Team Members. Especially the vulnerable residents.

What this may look like now we will admit could look differently an hour from now and then even more differently in the next hour.

Any resident that exhibits symptoms we will diligently work towards determining if they have been infected. We will also see who they connected with on campus. We will also inform their families.

Any team member that has travelled outside the country will not be back at work requested to submit to 14 days of self-isolation.

Any team member who begins to show symptoms of Covid 19 will be instructed to go home, call Health Links and get tested. They will be instructed to remain in self-isolation and self-monitoring until they hear back on their status. If positive, they will not return to work until cleared by the medical system. We will then due our diligence in determining who they may have come into contact.

Any team member who is off will have all of their Sick Hours made available to them to cover time away. If they do not have enough hours banked they will be issued an ROE so that they can access the government Employment Insurance program. The Federal Government has removed the 1 week delay period.

We are working more diligently in the areas of cleaning personal and many public areas (2 or 3 times as often) on Campus where our Residents may have access. We are using the top of the line disinfectant to work at dealing with many of the places where the virus might and I emphasize might be present or be able to become present.

As Leaders here in the Niverville Heritage Centre Campus we have been part of a loop of information from Southern Health and the Government Authorities that would at least give us a heads up on what might be changing.

At this stage of our action plan we believe that we are at a Yellow-Cautious level. Our Action Plan (Niverville Heritage Centre Campus Public Health Emergency Operation Plan) recognizes four levels.

  • Green – Awareness
  • Yellow – Caution
  • Red – Immediate Action and
  • Black – Complete Shutdown / Focus on Residents only.

We recognize there are things happening around us but at this stage we have no Residents or Team Members exhibiting symptoms. For this we are thankful.

In order to act responsibly and take steps to control the possibility of any of our residents or team members becoming carriers of the Covid 19 virus we will be:

  1. Continuing to take care of the residents on our campus that depend on us.
  2. Limiting visitors into the PCH and the NCU Manor. If a person has been outside of Canada in the last 2 weeks they will be asked to not come to the campus to visit their family member. The only exception will be if the family member is at the end of life stage.
  3. Limiting the access between the neighbourhoods in the PCH.
  4. Limiting access of residents to other areas. This means that the LL residents will not have access through the Manor or PCH.
  5. That Manor Residents will not have access to the PCH for recreational activities.
  6. That all recreation programs where residents are planning to go off campus will be cancelled.
  7. That all recreation programs with outside persons coming on campus will be cancelled.
  8. That Team Leaders are expected to monitor their team members for any symptoms.
  9. That we will be Limiting access of team members access to areas where they may not need to be to complete their work.
  10. Asking all Team Members to be available to be transferred to other areas of need should the situation arise.
  11. Evaluating the option of some of our Team Members that could benefit from the “work at home” option.

Our primary purpose is the health and safety of our residents but close behind that our team members.

As Leadership we will maintain our diligence and keep you informed with relevant information as we are aware of it and how it will affect us here on our Campus. As noted earlier there are many facets to what is happening and things at times are changing quickly. So we also ask for patience.

If you have any questions please contact the undersigned.

Wes Hildebrand
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Officer of Finance and HR
Niverville Heritage Centre Campus
P: 204.388.5000 ext. 211
F: 204.388.6431